Remolque de Carga 1-ton «Ben Hur»

Revisión del vehículo Airfix en escala 1:76

Remolque de Carga 1-ton, 1:76 Maqueta Airfix 02318

Cargo trailers parked at a supply dump somewhere behind the front lines. The Airfix model of the 1-ton cargo trailer has the front wheel in the parked position. To recreate a towed trailer, cut the locating pin off the front wheel and glue the wheel between the supports of the trailer hitch. The trailer on the right has a scratchbuilt canvas tilt made from internal supports covered with tissue paper. The converted trailer has been painted vallejo 924 Russian Uniform Green which is a good match for British Standard Colour No. 15, the other has been painted FS 34088 (B.S. No. 15).


  • M5A1 Half-Track with ring mount
  • American driver figure
  • Remolque, carga, 2-wheel, 1-ton, G518, «Ben Hur»
  • Decals for an American vehicle


  • Excellent choice of subject, converted M14 Multiple Gun Motor Carriages were used as M5 and M5A1 Half-Track personnel carrier in the motorized infantry battalions attached to British armoured formations.
  • Scale model with good detail.
  • Compatible with Fujimi, Matchbox, Nitto, Crusader Models, JB Models, Milicast and Cromwell Models.
  • The canvas tilt is not detailed enough. The canvas normally sags noticeably, outlining the supports underneath.
  • The front wheel is modelled in the parked position. A moving trailer would have the front wheel raised to provide better ground clearance.
  • Parts No. 50 and No. 52, hub caps, are not to scale, they should be reduced in thickness.

The Airfix model of the 1-ton cargo trailer may be towed by tanks, half-tracks, and medium trucks like the Dodge Weapons Carrier.

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Remolque de Carga 1-ton «Ben Hur»